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What was once a forgotten area of Indochina, sandwiched between its neighbors of Vietnam, and Cambodia, is slowly becoming a destination for those seeking to sight-see off the beaten path. While Laos is certainly not a luxury destination – it is one of the poorest countries in Indochina region – it is nonetheless gaining a reputation for the rural ease, laid-back attitude of the country’s citizens, and authentic natural beauty.  Getting into a trip to Laos, let visit Buddhist monasteries, discover the mysterious Plain of Jars, relax in lovely Luang Prabang, or board on a boat floating down the Mekong River. Laos blew away our preconceptions and left us wishing we had more time to spend in this unexpectedly amazing country.

If it is your first-time visiting Laos, Multi Country Asia Tours would like to give you this Laos Travel Guide as a guideline for a trip ahead. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any other question. We’re all here to help.