Tourist & Prepaid SIM Card and Network Providers in Laos

Laos SIM card - laos travel guide

Asia tours may give you an opportunity to travel to several countries at one package and stay connected to the rest of the world is really important. And when you travel to Las, it is not an exception. However, what is the best Cambodia SIM card and how to get it? No need to worry, with our most updated guidance, stable internet connection, and mobile network is in the palm of your hand.
Just like other countries, Laos has witnessed a good development in telecommunication infrastructure during the last 20 years. Because of this, nowadays, anybody with a valid ID number can easily purchase a SIM card and use mobile and Internet service. The country has launched 4G/LTE since 2014 and right now most of the big cities and provincial centers are now covered.

Where to buy a Laos SIM card?

Travelers landing at Wattay International Airport can buy a prepaid SIM card after immigration and baggage claim, at a Laos telecom kiosk. But if your plane lands at night time, it is likely that it will already be closed.
There are a lot of stores that sell SIM card in every big street so you will have more options to choose from. Official retail stores of mobile network operators are recommended because the staff here are very helpful. Normally, the salesperson at the shop that you purchase the SIM will gladly help you with the process of registration and activate the card.
The last option is to buy it in any convenience store that you can find and there are plenty of them in tourist destinations and crowded residential areas.

Laos mobile network providers

New laws and regulations by the Laos government put control of the price of mobile network and Internet use on all operators. As a result, there is not much of a difference between the prices of these companies. What users should really care about in order to find the most suitable SIM card is their coverage based on your destination.
Here are a few main operators in Laos: Unitel, Lao Telecom, Beeline, ETL, … Their coverage varies with locations. But generally, Unitel is said to be the best with most of the country is covered. If you travel to distant places far from the cities, especially in the North, expect to suffer a bad connection. Some locals will use dual SIM phones in case one of the SIM has no signal.
We provide you with some suggestions below:

Unitel – the largest telecom operator in Laos

The SIM card will cost 10,000 kips (~US$ 1,15). With that, you will have 15,000 kips and 200 MB to surf. You can choose data packages for a day or 30 days. For example, 60 MB usable in 24 hours for 2000 kip or 3 GB use in 30 days for 100,000 kips.

buy sim card in laos

24 hours25 MB1,000 kip*209*1#
60 MB2,000 kip*209*2#
125 MB5,000 kip*209*3#
30 days270 MB10,000 kip*209*4#
1.5 GB50,000 kip*209*7#
3 GB100,000 kip*209*8#
4 GB120,000 kip*209*9#

If you pass the limit of a daily package, you will be charged 300 kip/MB. The code to cancel any package is *209*0#.
If you prefer a data-only SIM, buy Unitel NET SIM for 10,000 kips with 300 MB. You can buy extra data with their packages as below.

Limit DataPriceCode
24 hours1.24 MB5,000 kip*209*21#
2 days6 GB10,000 kip*209*30#
3 days5 GB10,000 kip*209*33#
5 days2 GB10,000 kip*203*22#
7 days1.5 GB10,000 kip*209*23#
30 days5 GB50,000 kip*209*24#
12 GB120,000 kip*209*25#
30 GB200,000 kip*209*32#
60 GB300,000 kip*209*28#

The code to cancel is *209*0#.

Lao Telecom

LaoTel provides 3G access in most provinces but their 4G is only available in Vientiane. Lao Telecom is a good choice for foreigners as they provide English websites and apps.
They offer SIM card designed specifically for the need of tourists with 3 common lengths of stay.

best sim card in laos

3 days stay25000 kip2 GB5 min
7 days stay50000 kip5 GB10 min
15 days stay100000 kip12 GB20 min

You can easily buy top-up cards for 5000, 10000, 25000 and 50000 kips in all convenient and official stores.
Lao Telecom also provides data-only SIM cards for 10000 kips. Data packages for this type of SIM card are:



1 GB500024 hours*131*5#
1.5 GB100007 days*131*10#
7 GB5000030 days*131*6#


15 GB15000030 days*131*11#
30 GB25000030 days*131*12#

Add-on package

5 GB50000*131*21#

Code to top-up account balance: *121**# then


ETL is not considered a good option because their 3G coverage is bad and they have not provided the 4G network. So make sure to check for the availability of your location before buying their SIM card.

DataTimePriceActivation code
240 MB24 hours1,000 kipeN1
800 MB5,000 kipeN5
1.5 GB7 days10,000 kipeN10
5.5 GB30 days50,000 kipeN50
12 GB100,000 kipeN100
30 GB200,000 kipeN200

Note: Top-up card can be bought in most stores and shops. Get the serial number under the scratch part, then use the code as instructed on the card to charge that credit to your account.