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About Multi-Country Asia Tours

Multi-Country Asia Tours is a leading tour company in Asia specializing in customized and creative Asia tours. We exist to help you discover Asia your way. Multi-Country Asia Tours is about “Discovery Your Way“. No groups, No flags, No fixed dates. You can Reveal the Multi-Ethnic Myths of Asia that interest you most, on your dates, with your own driver and guide. the leading tour operator in asia Unlike other tour operators and overseas travel agencies that mostly just resell fixed tours, Multi-Country Asia Tours work with you to customize your immensely own unique trip. Every Asia trip is specially designed to your interests, with 1:1 help from your own dedicated Asia specialist, every step of the way! We’ve been building our team for more than 17 years, handpicking our team of Asia specialists, guides, drivers, and experiences across Asia. As a leading tour company in Asia, we know the secret paths to stunning vista, the hidden history, and the hidden problems — like booking elusive seats, and tables at outstanding local restaurants, not those tourist hangouts or hotel group tours use.

We've Got a Story to Tell...

Meet Henry, Our Founder & Director

Founder of Multi Country Asia Tours

From a man with love for Asia & Travel

Henry founded Multi-Country Asia Tours with the aim of delivering a valuable opportunity to all travelers to joyfully discover the charm of Asia. Once a tour guide, Henry was discouraged by prescribed vanilla group tours, tourism tricks, hidden surcharge, and detours. Henry decided to start something he would put his name and pride on, something that showed people the best of Asia.

The Desire to Share the Wonders of Asia

Henry was a guide in the ’90s but was discouraged that visitors only scratched the surface of Asia. Henry knew that there was so much to marvel at and experience outside the group tour experience. Back then all trips were all fixed, and visitors had zero flexibility to customize a trip around their interests. Henry wanted travelers to experience off the beaten track, of the guidebook, out of sterile parks, major attractions, and beyond the typical tour itineraries.

Distinctive Taste of Asia Travel

He wanted to get rid of detours to commission motivated stops, those shops wore a cloak as museums and listed on the itinerary as a ‘sight-seeing spots,' and instead take visitors into the authentic charm of Asian countries, to talk to the locals, to strive authentic food at the kind of local restaurants and overseas friends loved. Thus, Henry set about to run an award-winning tour operator, starting a website helping travelers Reveal the Multi-Ethnic Myths of Asia their way. Multi-Country Asia Tours was born. The passion, motto, and purpose have never changed.

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Sustainable Tourism & Meaningful Asia Travel

Culture Respect


At Multi-country Asia Tours, we take our ethical and social responsibilities seriously. We believe that Asia tourism should do more good than harm that is the reason why we are committed to following ethical practices. Not only do we treat the cultures we traverse to with humility and reverence, but we also try to create a 2-way dialogue, which is enriching for both travelers and locals. Through sustainable tourism practices, communities are able to focus anew on their traditions, celebrations, stories & traditional arts, and can devote more resources to maintaining their cultures, heritages or even languages. Our dearest clients have opportunities to marvel at the world and contribute to it in a way that is more responsible and, ultimately, more rewarding.

Responsible Travel


When it comes to environmental responsibility, Muti-country Asia Tours always seeks to steer our guests toward culturally authentic experiences that protect and preserve the ecological environment they bump into. Our goal is having minimal impact on the destinations we travel to. To make sure we attain this, only we do work with trusted suppliers, guides and lodges who share our eco-minded beliefs.

Why Choose Multi-Country Asia Tours

Multi-Country Asia Tours understands traveling to Asia countries, in particular, is not a temporary decision. It is not every day you travel to the countries to delve into its mysterious stories, astonishing at antique architecture underwent a series of ups & downs during historical flows. Being in the industry for 18 years, we know tourism in Asia. Unlike many travel agencies who just sell trips, we create authentic experiences – designed to your taste and budget, using our travel experts. Besides Asia tours available on the website, we specialize in tailor-made Asia tour packages to discovery your untouched feeling.

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Message From Our Founder

Mr Huong - Founder of Multi Country Asia Tours
Mr. Henry Le – Our Founder & President
“At Multi-Country Local Tours, our dedicated travel experts work exceptionally hard to provide clients with ultimate luxury, flexibility, and comfort during their vacation in Asia. If there is any of the ready-made Asia tour packages that do not suit your interests, feel free to contact us (without any commitment) and we will tailor-make the best Asia vacation that deserves you most. The over 10 years of experience working in tourism has helped us a lot in the journey to be the leading Asia Tour Operator and with this success, our team undertakes extensive programs in helping the community around us. EXCELLENT SERVICE MAKES CLIENTS FEEL SMART! I am Henry Le– Founder of Multi-Country Asia Tours.”

We have done all the hard work so you can access the best destination has to offer. Thus, do not just take the road, determine your own memorable trip to Asia with Multi-Country Asia Tours!


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