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Bhutan, a country seems to step out of the fiction novel – Lost Horizon, is truly an incredible country that you have ever found in life. There is something marvelous about Bhutan, the simple yet mesmerizing land somehow manages to touch your soul, balm it with tranquil, peace, and even mend the broken heart. The salubrious climate, the spectacular views, and the majestic and holy monasteries may seem a cliched way to describe the beauty of Bhutan, but each word used for this amazing country is in its purest form. Heading to and discovering Bhutan can be a fantastic experience, something that you will never forget.

Are you ready to take a trip to Bhutan? If yes, or even not yet, this Bhutan Travel Guide is made for you and for your vacation ahead. Is there anything you are wondering? Just feel free to tell us, our Multi Country Asia Tours consultants are always here to help.