SIM Card and Network Providers in Myanmar – Information & Guide

Myanmar SIM Card - travel guide for myanmar

SIM card is essential for most travelers nowadays because of the need for being able to communicate with others or to look up for information on the Internet.
Unlike its neighboring countries with very well developed mobile networks, Myanmar had been suffering more than a decade of difficulty with no access to the phone line. SIM cards, cell phones were once luxury items with prices soared as high as thousands of dollars.
Lucky for us, the situation has changed dramatically in recent years with both mobile and Internet connection qualities are much improved now. If you don’t mind, let Multi Country Asia Tours give you some useful information about Myanmar SIM card.

Where to Buy a SIM card in Myanmar?

Just like other countries, SIM cards and phone services are readily available for tourists to purchase right after their plane lands at the airport. This is the most convenient option if you need to check for direction to your hotel or lookup for a nice restaurant after a long flight. If you prefer the other option, SIM cards can be found in any official phone shops in the city. All you need to do is look for the name of one of the biggest mobile network operators in Myanmar: Ooredoo, MPT, Telenor.
Foreign travelers need to provide their identification information to register a new SIM card. Unregistered SIM cards sold from unofficial sources are subjects for deactivation. You can show the salesperson your passport, driving license or ID card to finish the process.

Mobile Network Providers in Myanmar

Since 2013, with private companies joining the market, there has been an intense competition to win the market. This has led to lowered prices and better service, which is a big benefit for the local Burmese and tourist as well. Below is our brief description of Myanmar’s best mobile network providers.


MPT (Myanmar Post and Telecommunications), the only a state-owned company on our list, is famous for their wide coverage. Therefore, it is the best option for those who will be traveling to remote areas in order to stay connected. Their prices are considered quite higher than the rest but they do offer better speed and coverage so it will be worth. MPT offers SIM cards specific for tourists with 1.5 GB of data and 5,000 Ks of credit to call and send text messages with the price of 10,000 Ks (about 6,63 US$).

MPT - sim card in myanmar


Telenor is also highly recommended for their coverage and the cheap price, but their Internet speed is somewhat in the middle. Tourist SIM cards are sold for MMK15,000 (approximately 10US$)with 5GB of data and 50 local minutes to call. The SIM is valid for 14 days.

telenor - best sim card in myanmar


Ooredoo has an excellent Internet connection for big cites so if your trip only includes Mandalay or Yangon, their SIM card is for you. The SIM card costs MMK1500 (1 US$) and 2.5 GB of data costs MMK11,500 (nearly 8 US$).

ooredoo - mobile sim card in myanmar

Tips for Getting the Best Sim Card in Myanmar

The Burmese know how to make the most out of their system as a lot of them use 2 different SIM cards. MPT is the first option for calling and texting and Telenor or Ooredoo for the Internet.
If you run out of credit, don’t worry. Find the nearest phone shop or convenience store, they will offer you a wide range of top-up card starting from MKK 1000 to MKK 30000.