Best SIM Card and Network Providers in Vietnam – Information & Price

Best SIM Card and Network Providers in Vietnam

Buying a SIM card in Vietnam should not be a difficult task as this beautiful country offers you excellent network service with very affordable prices. Vietnam population is currently over 90 million people. As a result, the mobile network market here is flourishing and very well invested. For instance, although 4G has just recently been introduced, it has already been available in half of the country’s area. On your Asia tours and once you’ve settled in Vietnam, the information below will be your help.

Where to get a Vietnam SIM card?

you can buy a SIM card as soon as you arrive at the airport. Look for the sign of SIM card or brand names like Viettel, Vinaphone. Mobiphone. A small tip is that the staff who works in airports are usually better at speaking English, so you can expect better customer care there.
Outside the airport, SIM cards can be bought in official stores or phone shops.

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How to Register for SIM card in Vietnam?

Passports are necessary for the registration process. Do not buy SIM cards from unofficial sources that require no registration as they might get deactivated.
There is no need to sign any contract or call any number to activate the SIM, it works right after when the salesperson finishes.

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Mobile Network Providers in Vietnam


This is the state-owned Mobile Network Provider in Vietnam. Thus, it is easy to understand why Viettel is the market leader with up to 40% of all customers on its network.
The coverage of Viettel (3G or 4G/LTE) is the best even when you enjoy a trip to remote regions.
The price for a SIM card does not differ from the other major operators Vinaphone & Mobifone but, Viettel is always the best choice.

Viettel - the best sim card in vietnam

You can easily get a Viettel SIM card in Vietnam at the airport or shops in the city. Also, recharge cards are available in small shops or even on the sidewalks. If you do not know how to do, ask the shop staff as they are always happy to help you even if they cannot understand English.
The price for a Viettel SIM Card is around 50.000 to 60.000 VND.
There are 2 prepaid brands: Tomato & Economy which do not come with data. Therefore, you have to book a package.
Dial *101# to check the main account, *102# for bonus one. Also, dial *100*# to top-up by voucher. The voucher can be found all around the city as if you see the Viettel logo, here they are. Even you can get a voucher in the convenience stores like Vin-mart or Circle K.
In order to keep your Viettel SIM card alive, you just do activities deducting some amount of your balance every month. A further option is to send VTVANG to 109 before leaving Vietnam. This action costs you 50.000 VND; however, keeps the safety of your SIM Card in Vietnam for a year.

3G Default Data
First of all, you may activate data by texting “Data ON” to 161. Default data rate out of these packages below is 75 VND/ 50KB. There packages below can be activated via your devices:

3G DataPackages PriceActivation CodesOveruse
50 MB10.000 VNDMI100.5VND per KB
200 MB30.000 VNDMI300.5VND per KB
450 MB50.000 VNDMI500.5VND per KB
1 GB30.000 VNDTOMD30Add-ons, cut off
1.5 GB70.000 VNDMIMAX1.5Add-ons, cut off
3 GB70.000 VNDMIMAX70Add-ons, cut off
3 GB50.000 VNDECOD50Add-ons –  throttled
5 GB90.000 VNDMIMAX90Add-ons –  throttled
8 GB125.000 VNDMIMAX125Add-ons –  throttled
15 GB200.000 VNDMIMAX200Add-ons –  throttled
30 GB500.000 VNDUMAX300Add-ons –  throttled
30 GB300.000 VNDMIMAX200Unlimited

To activate these data packages, dial *098# and follow instructions on your screen or call to 191. A package is auto-renewed if it is credit. To stop it, text “Huy” to 191 and then, text Y to confirm.

4G/ LTE Default Data
Default data of 4G/ LTE of Viettel is 60 VND/ MB. These packages below can be given out for their new 4G/ month.

4G/ LTE DataPackages PriceActivation CodesOveruse
3 GB70.000 VNDMIMAX70Add-ons – throttled
5 GB90.000 VNDMIMAX90Add-ons – throttled
8 GB125.000 VNDMIMAX125Add-ons – throttled
15 GB200.000 VNDMIMAX200Add-ons – throttled
30 GB300.000 VNDUMAX300Unlimited

Viettel Tourist SIM Card Date Default

PriceDataDomestic CallsInternational CallsValidity
100.000 VND1 GB20 minutes10 minutes5 days
200.000 VND2 GB40 minutes20 minutes10 days
300.000 VND3 GB60 minutes30 Minutes15 days
500.000 VND5 GB100 minutes50 minutes25 days

International calls are available up to 25 countries. Price for date overage charge is 9.76VND/ 50 KB.
Furthermore, the tourist SIM card doesn’t include SMS texting; So, to add it, you have to add a scratch-off card to your account for SMS messages.


Another Mobile Network Provider owned by the government, Vinaphone has a market of up to 30% of all customers. Vinaphone SIM card’s coverage and speed are good across the country. 3G and 4G/ LTE are available.

vinaphone - best data sim card in vietnam

A SIM card of Vinaphone is available in shops or street kiosks with the price of around 50.000 VND.
To extend the SIM life from 1 to 215 days, top-ups from 5.000 – 500.000 VND. Dial *100*# to top-up. *101# to check the main account and *102# to check bonus one.

3G Data Default
First of all, you need to activate data by texting “GPRS ON” to 888. Default data rate out of these packages below is 1.5 VND/ KB.
These data packages below can be activated monthly (without 4G access).

3G DatePackage PriceActivation CodesOveruse
50 MB10.000 VNDDK1 M100.5 VND per KB
150 MB25.000 VNDDK1 M25
500 MB50.000 VNDDK1 M50
1.5 GB120.000 VNDDK1 M120
600 MB70.000 VNDDK1 MAXThrottled
1.2 GB100.000 VNDDK1 MAX1
3 GB200.000 VNDDK1 MAX2
30 GB300.000 VNDDK1 MAX3

4G/ LTE Default Data
To turn on 4G, text “4G ON” to 888. These packages below are available for 3G too.
• Big Data Packages (3G & 4G)

DataPackages PriceActivation CodesOveruse
4.8 GB70.000 VNDDK1 BIG700.5 VND per KB
7 GB90.000 VNDDK1 BIG90
12 GB120.000 VNDDK1 BIG120
22 GB200.000 VNDDK1 BIG200
36 GB300.000 VNDDK1 BIG300

• Speed Packages (3G & 4G) – 30’ calls + 30 SMS

2 GB79.000 VNDDK1 S790.5 VND per KB
6 GB199.000 VNDDK1 S199
10 GB299.000 VNDDK1 S299

These data packages (Big and Speed) above will be cut-off after having reached the quota. Add-ons will be offered for the rest of the running time if you want more data.
• Activation: texting “X15” for 350 MB/ 15.000 VND
• Activation: texting “X25” for 600 MB/ 25.000 VND
• Activation: texting “X35” for 1 GB/ 35.000 VND
For these activations: DK to 888.
Vinaphone offers the longer periods Vinatel Packages for 6 – 12 months with a special discount.

For short period packages (3G & 4G available):

Data PackagesDurationPackages PriceActivation Codes
2 GB2 Hours5.000 VNDDK H5
5 GB10.000 VNDDK H10
1 GB24 Hours5.000 VNDDK D5
1.2 GB7.000 VNDDK D7
2 GB10.000 VNDDK D2
5 GB15.000 VNDDK D15
1 GB7 Days20.000 VNDDK DT20

Vinaphone Tourist SIM Card
The starter pack of tourists SIM card of Vinaphone is sold for 300.000 VND including 8 GB (4G/ LTE), 80-minute domestic calls, 50-minute international calls to countries: Russia, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand. Israel, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Argentina. Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Canada, and the US.
The validity of the Vinaphone tourist SIM card is up to 30 days and cannot be extended in volume or time. Further information in English, dial +84 91 38 8111.


With 18% market, Mobifone is the 3rd largest Mobile Network Provider in Vietnam. Mobifone is a private Mobile Network Provider and its SIM card has good coverage and speed in the centers and the coast.

mobifone - can you get a sim card in vietnam

Mobifone SIM card is available in shops and street kiosks with the price are around 50.000 VND. To use 4G (available in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City), you need a 4G-enabled SIM. To extend the SIM life from 1 to 215 days, top-ups from 5.000 to 500.000 VND. Check the main account by dialing *101#. To activate data, you may need to text “DATA ON” to 999.

3G Default Data
3G speed is max. Default data rate out of these packages is 75 VND/ 50 KB. 4G is not available.
For activation, text “M0” to 999. For example 1.5 GB for 24 hours, text “D10” to 999.
This package will be auto-renewed. For cancel it, text “HUY QT” to 999.
These are other monthly 3G packages:

Data PackagesPrice PackagesActivation CodesOveruse
50 MB10.000 VNDM1025VND/ 50KB
150 MB25.000 VNDM25
450 MB50.000 VNDM50

Activation: <Code> to 9084.
These packages above can be up-sized:

    • MAX15 – 500 MB/ 15.000 VND
    • MAX25 – 1 GB/ 25.000 VND
    • MAX35 – 2G/ 35.000 VND

4G/ LTE Default Data
4G Basis Data Packages (Monthly)

Data PackagesPrice PackagesActivation CodesOveruse
3.8 GB70.000 VNDHD70Throttled
5.5 GB90.000 VNDHD90
8.8 GB120.000 VNDHD120
16.5 GB200.000 VNDHD200
33 GB300.000 VNDHD300
44 GB400.000 VNDHD400
55 GB500.000 VNDHD500

 4G Default Data Packages + (Monthly)

Data PackagesPrice PackagesActivation CodesOveruseCalls
1.5 GB70.000 VNDDP70Cut-off70 minutes
2 GB100.000 VNDDP100100 minutes
3 GB120.000 VNDDP120120 minutes
4 GB200.000 VNDDP200200 minutes
6 GB300.000 VNDDP300300 minutes
9 GB600.000 VNDDP600600 minutes
15 GB1.500.000 VNDDP1500Unlimited

For activating, text “DK” to 999.
For checking data, text “KT DATA” to 999.
For canceling packages, text “HUY” to 999