Best Time to Visit Southeast Asia – Good Season to Go

Best Time to Visit Southeast Asia – Good Season to Go

Planning to have a perfect vacation is never easy and choosing the available time to travel is one of the top things considered for a good trip. If you are planning to enjoy the Asia tours, especially to Southeast Asia, you should find it more because the climate in this region varies according to the position of each destination and the period time of a year. So, in this Asia Travel Guide, I would like to give you the article about the best time to visit Southeast Asia and I am sure that it really helps you out.

Best time for Traveling to Thailand

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia countries varying the climate through the year in two areas: the South and Northern of Thailand.

Good Season to Visit South Thailand

The Southwest region of Thailand including Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi keeps hot through the year, the temperature remains in the level from 30 to 35 Celsius degrees. The Southeast region of Thai land including Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Samui is cooler but the temperature is quite high in the stage from 29 to 33 Celsius degrees. The Southern area of Thailand is an ideal destination for vacations on the stunning beaches around the year; however, you should consider visiting there in the period from May to November, it is the time of the Monsoon season when there is a high frequency of heavy rains and sometimes the hurricanes there which will delay your outdoor activities. The best time in a year of this area lies from February to April when the weather is nice and has the most number of sunny days in a year.

phuket thailand - the best time to visit southeast asia

North Thailand – Good Season to Go

The North area including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Pattaya… possesses the different climate system from the Southern one. The best time to visit this region is from October to January while the rest of a year receives monsoon combining with an increase in humidity levels.

bangkok - best time to visit southeast asia

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Hot and humid are the best description of the characteristic of Malaysia’s weather but the climate in Malaysia is separated by the terrain.

Best Time of the Year to visit West Coast Malaysia

From November to March is the best time to have a tour to the West Coast of Malaysia like Penang, Pangkor, Langkawi… the weather is dry and off-peak price whereas the East Coast of Malaysia is hot and sunny around the year.

Penang - best time of year to visit southeast asia

Best Time to visit East Coast Malaysia

Between November and February the best time to visit the East Coast of Malaysia is between April and September; in the period from November to February of the latter year, the North-East monsoon happened regularly; the rains become heavier leading to disturbing the boat crossings, some of the hotels there also close so tourists should avoid visiting this island there.

East Coast Malaysia - best time to visit southeast asian countries

When is the Best time to Visit Singapore

Singapore is the neighbor of Malaysia so the patterns of the climate of two countries are quite similar; if the best time to visit the East Coast of Malaysia is from November to February, November to early January is the best time to visit Singapore.

Winter in Singapore

I know it sounds strange but, it is true that the best period to visit Singapore is winter. Although there are a bit rains and it is a little wet, it cannot disturb tourists from taking a tour there; the rainy days are better than the hot days in an industrial country like Singapore. However, from November to early January is the peak season of Singaporean tourism, the country is crowded and the cost is at a high level.

best time to visit southeast asia weather

Spring & Summer in Singapore

If you want to skip the peak time, you also travel to Singapore in the period in the former half of a year (January to May) when the country is not overloaded with too many tourists and the weather is a bit hot. Tourists should consider carefully visiting Singapore from May to August, it is the time when Monsoon strikes; it does not avoid storms there. Moreover, you should not visit in Mid-September when the Singapore Grand Prix happens makes the transportation between attractions in Singapore can be more time-consuming.

best and worst time to visit southeast asia

Best Time of the Year to Visit East Timor – Good Season to Go

East Timor or Timor-Leste is a tropical country that is affected by Monsoon; the climate is separated into two distinctive seasons.

Rainy Season in East Timor

From December to April is the wet season; it is much rain and the weather is very hot, it is suitable for activities on the beach but tourists should regard kinds of attractions there.

Dry Season in East Timor

The best time you are recommended is dry season beginning in June and ending in October; the weather is pretty cool in the temperature of 23-25 Celsius degrees so you can have a perfect trip there.

Vietnam Holidays – The Best Time to Visit

Just like Thailand, Vietnam has 3 distinct climates. Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam gets downright chilly in the winter months while Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon sees monsoons and temperatures are fairly pleasant.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Central Vietnam & Beaches

There are several good periods for a perfect trip to Central Vietnam/ Beaches
• January – May: Obviously, this is the driest time of the year and the climate is fairly favorable which is average 21 – 30 degrees Celsius
• June – August: During this period, the climate is quite dry; however, gets increasingly humid and hot.

vietnam - best time to visit in southeast asia

Good Season to Travel to Hanoi

The best time to visit Hanoi is March – April & October – December. During these periods, the weather is mild and temperatures are range from 17 – 25 degrees Celsius. Winter (January – February) is also a good time to travel to Hanoi when the temperature can get down to 11 degrees Celsius. During the winter, the climate is fairly dry.

hanoi - good season to go to Southeast Asia

Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City just has 2 distinct seasons which are dried and rainy season. March-May is hot with an average temperature can be up to 32 degrees Celsius. You are highly recommended to visit Ho Chi Minh City during December – February because it is cooler with the temperature get down to 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, late May-early November is the rainy season.

best season to visit southeast asia

Best Time to Visit Laos

November – March is the best time to have a trip to Laos due to the fact that during the period from April – October, it is rainy and drought. Then, it is the dry season and the temperatures absolutely not too high for a reasonable hygrometry. During this season, the temperature is varied depending on the altitude. In the mountainous area or on the highlands, it is really cold at night. On the contrary, it is hot, perhaps immensely hot in Vientiane. In Luang Prabang, the temperature is clement.
It is not true to say that you cannot travel to Laos in the wet season. On the other word, July – August is the best time for going to Laos because it is humid and not too wet. It is great to admire manifold lush and fresh landscapes as well as get into a trekking & hiking trip.

Southeast asia - best time to visit

Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Wet Season in Cambodia

If you are searching for the favorable weather to experience the fresh and lush greenery making temples become magical, stroll around the old-aged city under a cooling temperature in Cambodia, the wet season (May – October) is what you are looking for. Heavy rains can occur in the afternoon; however, just last 1 or 2 hours. Thus, no need to worry about your outdoor activities disturbed. If you are a photographer or just really into taking photos, wet season in Cambodia also will suit you.

good season travel to southeast ais

Dry Season in Cambodia

When it comes to wonderful weather for lots of outdoor activities in Cambodia, the dry season is the best offer for you. It is hot and dusty and hard for you to take a deep breath. Before joyfully going out, you would better carry sunscreen, a hat or umbrella to get your whole body away from being burningly kissed by the sun. If you are a die-hard fan of beaches, this season is perfect.

southeast asia - best time to travel

This is everything you have to know about the best time to visit Southeast Asia. If you still have any question about Southeast Asia, the whole of Asia or you are looking for wonderful Asia tours, feel free to contact us and our consultants will cheerfully support you.